realised activities

2016 Antother great step is achieved! The contract is signed and the purchase for the new piece of land is complete.
2015 We received the confirmation to buy the land for the new school. The contractual agreement has to be settled.
2013 One big goal is achieved - we got the official registration for the school in october 2012!
That means we can go for the next step - the realistic plannung of a new school (see planned projects):
July 2012 Reconstruction:
With a big sponsorship of Wella we could remodel the house again. All the kids are now on the ground floor, which simplifies the daily routine enormously. Nomankhaya ist now living on the first floor. Also all the demands of the authority concerning the safety regulations are now fulfilled.
2010 Preparation to register the school
This year we try to focus on the preparation to get the school officially registered. Then it would be state-approved. At this point we would have reached a really big milestone and first step into economic independency.

a) Internal adaptions
We gave guarantees to all employees (cook, supervisors, and teacher) and to Nomankhaya on an adequate salary.

b) Adjustment of the budget for food
The aim is to provide as much healthy food as possible to the children. Abstain from convenience food – move to healthy food such as fresh vegetable and fruit. Offer meet or fish from time to time. Buy from the local merchant instead from the big supermarket chains.

c) Fulfil licensing requirements and orders
Most of the required inspections (such as from the health department, fire department etc.) already have been passed successfully. At the time when the school can finally get registered these inspections have to be redone but are then only a matter of form.
The number of children already has been reduced dramatically to meet the requirements regarding the available space per child ratio.
As a matter of fact we unfortunately had to reduce the number of children because of this regulation. One of the reasons this instruction has been done is to meet required quality standards on teaching which makes perfect sense even causing the fact that we had to reduce the number of pupils. To easy the problem a little bit and to extend room capacity one additional room has been built on the 1st floor.
06.2009 Roof repair
At the moment, the roof is leaking and has to be tiled. During the periods of rainy winter days water flooding the class-rooms is no exception.
01.2009 New hire of a more qualified tutor
02.2008 Assistant teacher (English-lessons, human skills)
Ongoing support for articles of day use (tables, chairs etc.)
12.2007 1st visit - Projectstart
Short term assistance with convenience goods such as fruit, vegetables, clealing utensils, crockery etc.)
Support on small renovations (flooring, wall painting etc.)