planned activities

2016/2017 We made it! The contract for the new piece of land is signed and the land ist ours now. We will work out now the entire planning of the property and elaborate a master plan. Now we need sponsors for the next construction stages of the houses!
2015 As soon as the purchase of the land has been completed we will work out with our architects the entire spatial planning of the property. After that the master plan will be prepared to determine the necessary financial support.
The purchase of the property will be financed mostly by our own resources (thanks also to our supporters). For the various construction stages of the houses we are looking for Sponsors!
2013 / 2014 Development of a concep for a new school
Today a big part of Nomankhayas private house is used for school rooms. This is suboptimal. During the past few years, Nomankhaya did a big effort to provide sufficient space for the school. But even reconstructing the house a number of times, annex rooms to the existing building etc. was not enough. There is still additional necessity for room. And there is no outside area that could be used as a playground.
There are still a big number of children without the possibility to go to school. In the area there are some unused zones. We did approach the owner company of this property and have started negotiations to acquire that land. The plot is only approximately 200 meters away from today’s premises and it has a perfect size of approx. 4500 m2. This would be good enough to build a school with sufficient room including a playground and an additional community centre. We have started the planning and we hope to be able to present a first draft soon to you.
2010 The planned imporovements to the outside area have been cancelled. We have decided to focus on the registration of the school.
2010 Renewal of the garden area
The garden as well as the playground are dusty and exposed to the hot sun. As to that, making proper use of it is almost impossible. By growing and planting green fields as well as installing flexible sun protection these circumstances can be redressed. As the rubbish bins are located right in the middle of the garden, they block space and must therefore be embedded in a wall aside.
automn 2009 Scaling down the amount of pupils
in the group of the three to six-year-old to improve the teaching quality. Due to the large number of children at the present stage, efficient teaching is impossible. None of the kids can be incorporated in a proper way which also prevents necessary promotion. The lack of income emerging will be substituted.